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Does Nick Broomfield want to roll in the snow with Sarah Palin ? You Betcha!

Nick Broomfield - the Guardian tells us -  has made a documentary about Sarah Palin, a subject clearly very close to his heart and, like many other leftoid blokes, certain other parts, notably his libido.

It must be the shoes.  Naturally, Nick isn’t quite able to deal with the idea that he might like the ‘baddie’, presumably his parents never let him watch Blake’s Seven. Either that or they did and he still hasn’t got Servelan out of his system quite yet.  How else does one explain a man describing Palin’s wardrobe as “rather kinky outfits” ?

I’ll save you the trouble of reading the Graun’s review or watching the clip, a couple of minutes in, Broomfield makes the distinction between Democrats and Republicans like this : Democrats are rational intellectual, poring over legislation like professors. Republicans are notrational or logical at all, they are simply emotive, since they believe that America shouldn’t need a welfare state or big government.

Because in the world of Nick Broomfield, there can be no rational argument against those things.  I seriously doubt the poor man would even recognise that as bias, or be able to imagine the missing matter from his own intellectual firmament which is clear from the outside, but so skews the cognitive process on the inside as to be invisible.  Or he could just be a twat. It really is hard to tell these days.

Then again, if you want to see a couple of hours of someone falling in love with Sarah Palin only to be cruelly and/or hilariously (delete to taste) rejected and subsequently attempting to do a fairly pointless hatchet job on her - My God! Did you know she’s a CHRISTIAN!!! - before stropping off home in a pile of tears and snot, maybe this is the film for you.


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